Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maybe next time won't be such a long time...

So, it has been awhile. When I started this thing I had big dreams of daily posts and updates but I quickly got cold feet. Then, just like anything that is left alone for too long, it becomes a little embarrassing to go back to. What better way to redeem myself than to come back with shamelessy cute kid photos! I like to have family photos taken every 6 months but sometimes, it just doesn't happen. As I was looking on the photo wall I realized the latest photos were from last year! I wanted something different and since we couldn't make the trip to our family photographer, I thought we would go to a digital studio. The kind you get your pictures back in less than an hour and there is usually minimal expense...if you stick to the advertised packages...which I NEVER do. How can a mother possibly throw away images of her "sweet" children?? Anywho, I knew what I wanted the kids to wear and began the impossible of finding the boys black polos and a black dress for little miss. Why is it anytime I have an idea the "goods" are impossible or never to be found? Does this happen to other people or was that strictly graced to me? We had lunch at a fast food place after a shopping excursion one day and the toy inside was silly glasses with the big nose and mustache and my mom said "Hey, that would be cute for the kids to have their pictures taken in!" And I thought yeah, it would be and so it was born! The very first silly Furgerson children photo. I figured if they didn't turn out, it would not be a total $$ loss. So here they are...I think we may be starting a trend:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Call to the Post!

Well, here I go...Why is this so hard??? I have had this semi-blog in the making since February and not a single letter has been typed. Why?? I want it to be "right" even though I don't know what "right" looks like. I am very timid about trying new things especially if I am not great right away...perfectionista maybe? For sure! And it seems that trait has been passed on to at least one of my children. Oops:) So, after being completely inspired by lots of other creative people, I am going for it! IT being a little something for and about me in this blog. Things I like, probably some things I don't, things I want to do/try and hopefully more things to inspire me! Looking forward to seeing what this year brings:) yay!!!!!!!!